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Betterlife Pharma CEO Dr. Ahmad Doroudian Highlights Company Pipeline – WSM Interview with Jason Lin

The influenza pandemic from 1918 to 1919, commonly known as "Spanish flu", was the most serious health disaster in modern history. A century later, the COVID-19 pandemic becomes another serious global health threat, troubles human beings. With the rapid development of medical science, and people's increasing emphasis on life and health, especially in 2020, biotechnology companies are placed high expectations. Betterlife Pharma CEO Dr. Ahmad Doroudian recently joined our show and highlighted the company pipeline and blueprint for 2021.

What’s Included In Biden’s $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Plan?

President-elect Joe Biden yesterday unveiled the details of a $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package, which will be a legislative priority when he takes office on Jan. 20.

METX Would Accelerate As The New Presidency Tends to Appeal to Overseas Students

The U.S. has long been the top destination for international students globally. Nevertheless, international student enrollments in United States universities declined by 16% in...

Chinese Chemicals Maker Qilian International Prices IPO At $5 To Raise $25 Million

Qilian International Holding Group Limited, a China-based pharmaceutical and chemical products manufacturer, priced its initial public offering late Monday at $5 per American depositary share.

Qilian International Aims To Be 2021’s First U.S. Listed Chinese IPO

Qilian International (QLI) could be the first Chinese company to take its shares to Nasdaq Global Market in 2021.In 2020, the number of Chinese...

A 23-Year-old Pinduoduo Worker’s Death and the 996 Work Culture

The recent death of a Pinduoduo employee made Chinese people criticize the long hours commonly practiced at China’s tech companies again.

The Valuation of Meten EdtechX is Expected to Increase as Investment in Education Industry Booms

In December, many prestigious education service providers such as GSX, Yuanjiao, Homework Help, and TAL have successively financed from investment funds. Many well-known investment...

Meten EdtechX CEO: Our Business is Expected to Accelerate

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. An epidemic has brought the education industry that was originally in the "cold winter" into the...

Uber, DoorDash Are Hiking Prices In California To Cover Prop 22 Benefits

Uber and DoorDash are raising prices for customers in California in order to pay for new benefits guaranteed to rideshare drivers and food delivery...

IPO Investing and Lockups: What to Know Ahead of Airbnb

Airbnb is set to go public this week, with shares scheduled to begin trading on Thursday. The home-sharing company is aiming for a price...

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