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Wall Street Multimedia, Inc

Wall Street Multimedia, Inc. is the main independent news agency covering the U.S. financial markets for Chinese language media, providing business information to more than 125 million households in China.Located on Wall Street in the heart of the financial district, WSM is one of the first Chinese media companies covering trends and developments in the U.S. securities market – Wall Street – as well as the broader aspects of the U.S. economy to Chinese speaking communities all over the world through TV, broadcast, and the Internet. Our coverage consists of monitoring market movements as well as events impacting the U.S. financial markets.WSM maintains longstanding relationships with investment professionals, fund managers, analysts and CEOs of US companies. We draw on a network of leading experts in a broad variety of topics from ADRs to Zero Based Budgeting, from Automakers to Wholesale inventories.Different from other Chinese financial news websites and television stations, Wall Street Multimedia Inc.’s most competitive edge stems from its position as the only media company providing firsthand hourly real-time stock market reporting live on-location from the New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq, the American Stock Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Nymex. We are proud to call the heart of Manhattan’s financial district our home and are reporting right from the trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange, the world’s leading stock market.WSM also serves as an information broker, offering contributions to newsletters and publications of trade associations and public institutions in China as well as research and consulting services for media and non-media clients interested in the U.S. financial markets.Viewers of WSM’s programming are business executives and financial professionals in China and the US with significant purchasing power.The website www.meigutv.com delivers and expands upon our news and programming around the world, featuring videos, real-time market analysis, industry and theme-specific shows and blogs, charts and investing tools.Wall Street Multimedia Inc. Your Connection to China