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Shineco, Inc. to Create A New Platform for Psychological Rehabilitation of Tumor Patients


In order to accelerate its digital transformation and develop comprehensive medical and healthcare services, Shineco, Inc. (“Shineco” or the “Company”; NASDAQ: SISI) announced that the Company entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Xihuan Psychological Consulting Co., Ltd. (“XHPC”) to jointly build an industry-university-research-medical collaborative platform (the “Platform”) for psychological rehabilitation of tumor patients.

According to the agreement, Shineco and XHPC plan to use the Platform to conduct research on critical topics, introduce the results of relevant research into the Company’s tumor clinical treatment system, and improve the development of Shineco’s digital tumor diagnosis and treatment.

Based in Beijing, China, XHPC is a professional integrated psychological consulting company, providing one-stop social psychological solutions for enterprises, institutions, and certain social groups, such as psychological care organizations for youth. Over the years, XHPC has built a system to tackle the challenges of psychological and behavioral problems through psychological counseling, corporate employee assistance program (EAP) services, and psychological evaluation, which effectively promotes the healthy development of enterprises and improves the mental health of their employees.

In fact, many people with cancer feel stressed and overwhelmed. It’s normal for them to feel anxious, afraid, angry, or depressed. Cancer treatments also can cause them to have trouble concentrating or remembering things. These feelings and problems can make it hard for them to work or do normal daily activities.

Fortunately, the modern treatment of tumors has evolved into a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive treatment to involve multiple factors, such as mental, physical, and societal. The cooperation between the two parties will focus on the mental health of tumor patients. Leveraging both parties’ respective advantages, the two parties expect to build an industry-university-research-medical platform and introduce the results of relevant research into Shineco’s tumor clinical treatment system by conducting research on the mental health and intervention of tumors. By establishing an early intervention collaboration mechanism, the parties aim to create a regional integrated and collaborative diagnosis and treatment model to help improve the rate of early diagnosis and early treatment of tumor diseases.

 “We are very pleased to enter into the Agreement with Shineco to build an integrated industry-university-research-medical platform to jointly carry out mental health guidance and intervention for tumors patients. We have accumulated solid practical experience in psychological counseling, corporate EAP services, and psychological evaluation. With the help of a professional team of psychological consultants, we strive to provide personalized mental health treatment plans for patients to keep them with a positive attitude,” said Ms. Xueyuan Shi, CEO of XHPC. “Moving forward, we will work closely with Shineco, leveraging the resources of each other to help tumor patients overcome mental challenges in the treatment process and aim to improve the quality of their lives.”

Ms. Jennifer Zhan, CEO of Shineco, also commented, “We are very pleased to witness this cooperation with XHPC, which is another new milestone in the development of Shineco’s digital tumor diagnosis and treatment. We expect to take the mental health guidance and intervention of tumor patients as the direction, build an industry-university-research-medical collaborative platform, actively conduct research and development, and promote the results of scientific research. In order to enhance the prevention and treatment of mental diseases and improve the mental health of patients, through the integration and promotion of physical, psychological, and social aspects, Shineco together with its partner plan to further strengthen the intervention on the mental health of tumor patients and provide patients with closed-loop services for tumor diagnosis and treatment to benefit more patients.”


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