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Shineco, Inc. Appoints Professor Qiyin Sun as Chief Medical Consultant


Shineco, Inc. (NASDAQ: SISI), a producer and distributor of Chinese herbal medicines, organic agricultural and other biotech products, announced today that the company has appointed Professor Qiyin Sun as the Chief Medical Consultant. Professor Sun will lead the research and innovation of the company’s tumor treatment and provide technical consultation in early tumor screening and tumor radiotherapy to support the commercialization of digital tumor diagnosis and treatment.

Prior to joining Shineco, Professor Sun was a director at Beijing Nuclear Medicine Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center and the winner of the second prize of China Science and Technology Progress Award. He played a crucial role in leading large-scale diagnosis and treatment equipment manufactured in China to enter the international market and has made breakthroughs in technologies for molecular imaging and radio dynamic diagnosis and treatment of cancer with extensive experience in medical device research and development (“R&D”), as well as management. Professor Sun and his research team were granted a number of patented technologies for their nuclear medical devices that earned a great international reputation and have been cordially received by the Chinese government officials.

As a pioneer in the medical industry, Professor Sun has engaged in the R&D of high-end medical equipment for more than 30 years. After pursuing advanced studies at top-tier hospitals worldwide, he introduced the first positron emission tomography (“PET”) in China, which laid a solid foundation for the localization of high-end medical equipment. With his devotion to digging into technologies, he and other international experts invented the world’s first PET magnetic resonance film, which paved the way for medical painless treatment and molecular imaging technology in China. Moreover, he also founded one of the first Sino-foreign joint general hospitals and introduced the first Gamma Knife in China.

The radiodynamic therapy devices, also known as A45 tumor therapy devices, developed by Professor Sun, has been successively certified by the China Food and Drug Administration (“CFDA”) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) due to its excellent clinical results. Since A45 tumor therapy devices filled the gap in the use of radiodynamic technology in treating tumors in the United States, it was introduced by the authoritative oncology hospitals in the United States. The radiodynamic therapy  technology plays a significant role in killing primary and distant metastatic tumors without harming normal tissue cells and can stimulate the immune system to generate specific immunity against tumor cells in the human body. The success of this technology has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of treatment of complex human diseases as it is one of the effective methods to reduce mortality and prolong patients’ lives.

Professor Sun commented, “This is an exciting opportunity to join Shineco as Chief Medical Consultant. I have been focusing on using cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems in tumor treatment throughout my entire career, which is the exact direction that Shineco is going for. The market of high-end medical imaging devices is growing rapidly, requiring continuous new ideas and technologies. I am honored to join such a professional, innovative, and dedicated team and looking forward to our cooperation.”

Ms. Jennifer Zhan, CEO of Shineco, commented, “We are very pleased to welcome Professor Sun to Shineco as he brings over 30 years of expertise in the field of research and development of medical devices to Shineco. As our Chief Medical Consultant, Professor Sun will be responsible for researching and developing tumor diagnosis and treatment equipment in the Chinese market. With his extensive experience, he will provide consultation on cutting-edge technologies in tumor screening and diagnosis and treatment to improve the technical capabilities of the Company’s R&D team and promote the innovation of products to benefit more tumor patients in long term. We look forward to the successful development of tumor diagnosis and treatment devices for expansion of our digital tumor diagnosis and treatment platform to enhance the quality of our treatment and healthcare services.”


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