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CEO Interview

Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp CEO Interview

Anthony Morello, CEO, Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp An interview with Anthony Morello, CEO of Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp. Zoglo’s provides plant-based food for over 25...

Betterlife Pharma CEO Dr. Ahmad Doroudian Highlights Company Pipeline – WSM Interview with Jason Lin

The influenza pandemic from 1918 to 1919, commonly known as "Spanish flu", was the most serious health disaster in modern history. A century later, the COVID-19 pandemic becomes another serious global health threat, troubles human beings. With the rapid development of medical science, and people's increasing emphasis on life and health, especially in 2020, biotechnology companies are placed high expectations. Betterlife Pharma CEO Dr. Ahmad Doroudian recently joined our show and highlighted the company pipeline and blueprint for 2021.

Interview with Michael Skinner, CEO of Rainmaker Worldwide

World water crisis is troubling human beings. As a global leading Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) provider, Rainmaker is helping to solve the global water crisis by providing economical, scalable and environmentally sustainable solutions through innovative technology: Air-to-Water (“AW”) and Water-to-Water (“WW”). What makes Rainmaker so special and attractive to Wall Street investors and the NASDAQ-listed company? What is different about Rainmaker’s technology versus other traditional methods? We interviewed Michael Skinner, CEO of Rainmaker.

My Size to Launch Contactless Shopping Solution on MySizeID App for In-Store Retail Purchases


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