Program Sponsorships

“Access to China, Access to the Top”Wall Street Multimedia offers both Title and Associate program sponsorship options available for advertising. Our sponsors can present their brands to high-educated and affluent Chinese audiences, reaching 125 million households in the second largest economy in the world.

Each sponsorship option offers specific benefits, with room for expansion. Regardless of the sponsorship level, both allow for advertisers to reach the same extensive audience across mainland China and around the world via web and third-party providers.

Title Sponsorships

* Title sponsors receive strategic on-air brand positioning and promotion.
* The sponsor will receive 10-15 seconds of airtime at the beginning of the program.
* The sponsor’s name, corporate logo, slogan, website, and contact information will be displayed on-screen.
* The sponsor’s name and logo will be prominently displayed on set throughout the program.

Our production team will avail its resources to assist in the development of the most effective advertisement spots possible.

Associate Sponsorships

* Two sponsors will each have a promotional slide presented consecutively at the conclusion of programs.
* Each sponsor will receive 5-10 seconds of airtime.
* Sponsor names, logos, slogans, websites, and contact information will be displayed on-screen.
* The sponsors’ logos will be displayed on set throughout the program.
* Sponsors receive online exposure and promotion via the Wall Street Multimedia, CCTV, and third-party websites.