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2016 Warren Buffett’s Shareholder Meeting

2016 Warren Buffett’s Shareholder Meeting

On April 30th, the 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was held in Omaha, NE. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger answered almost 40 questions from shareholders and reporters, with topics including American politics, global economic issues, Berkshire’s share price, and the prospective development of several industries.

WSM’s reporters participated in the meeting as well as shareholders’ events, like “Shopping Day”, “Invest in Yourself”, and the 5K marathon.

Briefing For U.S. Real Estate

Briefing for U.S. Real Estate

This is an info-ed program providing fresh and interesting news of real estate in U.S.


Emma’s NYC Diary

Emma’s NYC Diary

This is our reality show released every weekend. Our main character is an 11-year-old girl named Emma. Emma is half-Chinese, with an American father and a Chinese mother. She was born and is living in New York City. Last year, when Emma visited China, she promised her friends to record her stories in daily life, and share the experiences of studying and living in U.S.

这是一档在周末播出的真人写实节目, 主人公是一位11岁的美国女生,名叫Emma。Emma是中美混血,父亲是美国人,母亲是中国人,她出生并生活在美国纽约市。去年回中国探亲的时候,Emma答应朋友们把自己的生活点滴录制下来,和大家分享在美国的学习和生活情况。

Wall Street Moment

Wall Street Moment

“Wall Street Moment”, hosted and produced by business reporter and anchor Michelle YuChao, is a weekly 10-min program demystifying U.S. financial markets, business trends and headlines of the global economy on JIN10.com’s Finance’s platform of millions of viewers. The show shares insights on trading and investing strategy and the development of the markets both in the U.S. and China gleaned from access to the most influential and authoritative insiders like global head economists, NYSE traders, T3 Live trading CEO and strategists, Wall Street analysts, S&P 500 Index market strategists and other business expects.


Social News

Social News

This comprehensive show includes reports of social events such as United Nation meetings, awards ceremonies, press releases, etc.


Lutu U.S. Exchanges Closing Summary

Lutu US Exchanges Closing Summary

A short news clip that briefly covers the daily market overview, including economic data and movers of the day.


Square Feet America

Square Feet America

This bi-weekly show is about the American real estate market and is currently broadcast on Sun TV(Hong Kong) and other popular Chinese video media platforms. Our hosts discuss hot topics in the real estate market and future trends with experienced real estate professionals and scholars. While introducing high-value properties in trendy and serene neighborhoods in New York, we also bring to the attention of our viewers issues such as community rules and regulations, taxation, and zoning requirements. Potential investors will have a basic guideline to follow and to prepare themselves before making decisions on any specific investment.

NY Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

Do you know what is fashion? Have you ever experienced a show? Do you know what is it like backstage? Wall Street Multimedia, Inc. reports on New York Fashion Week. We broadcast and interview famous models and designers. If you like fashion, do not miss!



Weekend on Wall Street

To embrace life with your heart and to enjoy your leisure time after work, Wall Street Multimedia, Inc. launches a program about culture called “Weekend on Wall Street”. Join us, relax, and increase your cultural knowledge.

Dialogue On Wall Street

Dialogue on Wall Street

This 10-minute daily news program focuses on the commodity sector, and is produced for we66.com, a major Chinese commodity futures investment platform. Not only does the show present to viewers the latest economic data and global commodity news about oil and gold, but also brings exclusive interviews with traders based in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, NYSE and New York Mercantile Exchange. The show aims to provide the most timely and accurate global financial news to Chinese investors, who will get detailed analytical insights of overseas markets’ movements.

Market Watch

Market Watch

This 5-minute daily in-depth dialogue is customized for we66.com, a major Chinese futures investment platform. The show brings audiences to the NYSE trading floor for exclusive talks with traders in the center of the trading action.  Discussion topics focus on issues currently debated throughout the global commodity markets.  This show intends to provide viewers with professional and original viewpoints regarding oil and gold trading strategies.

Chart Talk

Chart Talk

This is a daily TV program produced jointly with the T3 Trading Company. During the regular ten-minute show, our host and senior analyst from T3 Trading presents to viewers the latest U.S. stock market news, and utilizes chart analytical techniques to analyze stocks with the largest movements.  The show also provides viewers with actionable advice on trading strategies for the hottest stocks. The analysis and trend predictions will help Chinese investors make decisions when investing in the U.S. stock market.

Financial Buzz

Financial Buzz Market Weekly Review

This show is custom produced every Friday for Financial Buzz and it targets English speaking investors.  It features RK Walker at the NYSE giving a brief market recap for the week, and then reviewing stocks of interest targeted to Financial Buzz’s audience.